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Not all heroes side with good

Adrian Shaw illustrates works of fantasy. Dragoon initially started as an online gallery showcasing Adrian’s artistic works, which now also features as an illustrated Bestiary of fantasy creatures alphabetically listed with descriptions.

Born in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea is where Adrian lived most of his childhood, after which he and his family moved to Australia. Adrian has been fascinated with the fantasy genre since childhood, inspired by some of the great artists and art books he had collected.

Adrian Shaw Photo 2020

Listed below is what Adrian believes sparked his imagination as a kid to draw and eventually create Dragoon.com.au to what it is today to share. Enjoy!

1983 Talisman - Board Game (1st & 2nd edition illustrated board game.)
1984 Ultima IV: Quest for the Avatar - Commodore 64 Game
1985 The Goonies - Movie

Artists Inspiration:

Patrick Woodroffe - Illustration Book published in 1986 titled Mythopoeikon
(Adrian's first art book his brother had purchased.)

Larry Elmore - Illustrator for the Dragon Lance Books

Boris Vallejo - Fantasy and Science Fiction Artist

Unless specified, all contents of Dragoon.com.au were created and are maintained by Adrian Shaw, with the assistance of his partner Angela.