Warmaster Draegan
Not all heroes side with good

Hail! Welcome to Dragoon, my illustrated works of fantasy. I created Dragoon back in 98 which initially started as an online gallery showcasing my art and featured a directory called The Archive of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Artists. Alas, due to other commitments The Archive was discontinued after a short period. But hey its 2020 and I’ve revamped the site with a new project, an illustrated version of my Bestiary listing of fantasy creatures alphabetically listed with descriptions.

I hope you enjoy my works of the fantastic which also include my novel writings and rhymes you’ll find throughout.

I grew up in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea where I spent most of my childhood, then soon migrated to Australia where I currently reside. Then in 94 the place of my birth blew of the face of the earth. Rabaul was known for its many volcanoes, a true paradise lost. I’ve been fascinated with the fantasy genre since childhood, inspired by some of the great artists and art books I had collected.

Adrian Shaw Photo 2020

Listed below is what I believed sparked my imagination as a kid to draw and eventually create Dragoon to what it is today to share. Enjoy!

1983 Talisman - Board Game (1st & 2nd edition illustrated board game.)
1984 Ultima IV: Quest for the Avatar - Commodore 64 Game
1985 The Goonies - Movie

Artists Inspiration:

Patrick Woodroffe - Illustration Book published in 1986 titled Mythopoeikon
(My first art book my brother had purchased.)

Larry Elmore - Illustrator for the Dragon Lance Books

Boris Vallejo - Fantasy and Science Fiction Artist

Unless specified, all contents of Dragoon.com.au were created and are maintained by Adrian Shaw, with the assistance of his partner Angela.